LOGIX® Products


LOGIX® Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) building technology saves you time & money for a stronger, more comfortable, energy-efficient home.

  • Continuous Foam Insulation
  • Intuitive Assembly
  • Low Air Infiltration
  • 5-Day Thermal Lag
  • Exceptional Soundproofing
  • Termite Resistance

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As stated on the LOGIX website:

A steel-reinforced concrete core enveloped in thick, continuous foam panels and assembled as easily as giant "lego" blocks creates a wall assembly that is comfortably draft-free, insulated to R-25 (or higher), protected from fire, earthquakes and hurricanes, and sheltered from outside noise. This is ICF construction.

LOGIX walls combine six elements into one product -- concrete, rebar, insulation, air barrier, vapor barrier and furring -- simplifying the process of managing and co-ordinating both trades and vendors, and increasing efficiency on the job site. LOGIX is the easiest ICF product to install, delivering more profit and less pressure to the construction team.

Whether the home you build features a LOGIX XtraComfort basement or the whole home benefits from XtraComfort efficiency, the end result is a greener, more comfortable home that is resistant to frost, cracks, mold and pests, and is less expensive to heat and sometimes even to insure. While the cost of building a LOGIX XtraComfort home may be slightly more than traditional construction methods, living costs are often lower, because of the savings in energy costs.

Our High Performance Commercial Buildings are also green, healthy and energy efficient. LOGIX is the leading Insulated Concrete Form system in North America. With a superior R-value built into its DNA, and a choice of web type, foam type, cavity thickness and panel thickness, LOGIX gives you the freedom to create an airtight building envelope today for the quality of thermal performance that will be expected tomorrow.     Read more »