Chuck Prochaska, President

Chuck is a strong advocate of environmental protection and of energy conservation, thus his passion for Sound ICF Products which distributes insulative building products including Logix ICFs, Heat-Sheet for infloor heating systems, Halo for remodel, and Fortruss for structural floors/roofs. He has supplied product for several successful projects including the 2011 Gold award winning home. The award was issued by EVHA (Energy Value Housing Award issued by NAHB).

Mr. Prochaska, a National Merit Finalist, earned his Aerospace Engineering Degree, BSAE, at the University of Michigan in 1965. He was honored for his role in the conceptual design of a polar orbiting satellite system in 1965. He then launched a 37 year with The Boeing Company as a structural engineer. He participated in many major programs during his career and is accredited with several patents. His most recent assignment was as a leader in a Boeing experimental "think tank" developing far reaching concepts for the future of passenger flight. Many of his ideas are now being incorporated into the new 787 Dreamliner. Chuck has been honored by his inclusion in several Who's Who publications including "Who's Who in America."

After retirement from Boeing, Chuck formed Whidstar Construction. Whidstar Construction built and over a dozen homes in the period 2002 through 2008. The company also built a Custom Home, a Polysteel Structure of over 3000 square feet.

Chuck is a member of the "Built Green" committee of SICBA, the local builders association affiliated with BIAW and NAHB. He is also actively involved in the Grange, his home Grange is Deer Lagoon in Langley WA. As a Scoutmaster his Troop advanced 16 into the rank of Eagle Scout.

Mr. Prochaska lives in Greenbank with his wife.

Gregg Petet, Vice President

Mr. Petet has extensive experience in the wood construction industry. Over the past several years he has developed a rapport with most of the sub-contractors and general contractors doing business in Northwest Washington including the I-5 corridor, Whidbey Island and the Olympic Peninsula. He has significant applicable prior experience with Parr lumber, Pro-Build, and the building construction industry.

Gregg is trained in construction of ICF structures and is key to that process.

Gregg is a graduate of Auburn High School where he was a member of the state champion Auburn High School marching band for three years Gregg is an Eagle Scout and was a member of the United States Marine Corp.

Mr. Petet lives on Camano Island with his wife and two children.
Sound ICF Products©

"Sound ICF Products" is the new name for a company which has been in business since around 2002. It used to be called PolySteel of Island County before the recent name change.

The primary function of the business is to make a range of Logix, Fortruss and related insulative products available to the Northwest and Alaska areas. The officers of the business adopted these products because of their environmental advantages and well as their cost effectiveness.

Logix LEED and Environmental Documents
A number of core issues form the basis of “green building”. These include energy efficiency, air and water quality and the responsible use of materials and resources. In recent years, the inclusion of a wider set of planning, social and economic considerations has been incorporated into green building. The greater picture of sustainability involves not only material choices and construction practices but also the social sustainability of our communities.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) was developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in 2000, as a comprehensive rating system to quantify green buildings. The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) followed this lead, and their first version of LEED was released in 2004. LEED has grown to become the most prominent rating system for sustainable buildings in North America. More information can be found at this website.

Sound ICF Products© makes traing available to archetects, builders and customers. The Logix systems are very easy to learn how to designwith and also easy to use so the training is not very intense. More information can be found at this website.