Versatile, Durable, Sustainable ICFs.

LOGIX® Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) building technology saves you time & money for a stronger, more comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Quick and Easy
In-Floor Heating

HEAT-SHEET™ tubing channel system makes it easy to install radiant floor tubing in all under-concrete applications.

Strong, Flexible, Safe Concrete Forming.

Fortruss™ concrete forming system is used to create suspended concrete floor and roof slabs, while providing excellent insulation value.

Advanced Rigid Insulation

HALO SURROUND SCIENCE™ is the insulating system designed perfectly for specific applications that outperforms even more expensive XPS insulation.

Welcome to Sound ICF Products

Insulated Concrete Forms

Servicing the Greater Puget Sound region with technically advanced building products featuring Logix ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms).

Logix® ICF building technology is vastly superior to the traditional stick and SIP framing methods. Building technology has seen rapid advances in recent times, with builder and home owners looking for more efficient ways to build homes that are stronger more comfortable and energy-efficient, while allowing flexibility of design and lower future maintenance costs.

With Logix® ICF, you can save time and money and get a stronger, more comfortable and more energy-efficient home.

Other Products
Look at our products for:

  1. Overhead structural concrete flooring (Fortruss)
  2. In-floor radiant heating systems tubing forms (Heat-Sheet)
  3. Energy efficient insulation for conventional framing and concrete floor slabs (HALO), a better insulation at less cost.

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are simply the best option for your new home, offering exceptional comfort, energy savings, safety and many other benefits to homeowners.

Built Green
Sound ICF Products is a member of the Built Green organization. Built GreenĀ® is an all-encompassing approach to home building, starting with how we treat the land we are building on. With minimal site disruption, we are less likely to develop drainage problems, and more natural landscapes will require less care. More careful use of raw materials, and more engineered uses result in less forest destruction per home. Designing the building envelope to be tighter and better insulated keeps heating and cooling costs low, and helps us control interior air quality. Innovations in plumbing systems let us use less water, recapture heat from waste water, and use grey water for irrigation of the garden.